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Check out this comprehensive list of driving record resources for every state in the U.S.A.

To receive a copy of a your driving record, motor vehicle report (MVR) or drivers abstract – whether you live in Florida, Texas or California or anywhere else in the USA – you will need to order it through the state government that issued your most recent license. So if you live in New York but your licence is from Arizona, you will order your driving record from Arizona.

What you need to know before ordering your driving record

Below is a list, that we have compiled for your benefit, with links, by state, to the government offices that issue driver reports. But here are are few things that are important to understand first:

Driving record prices are different by state

Some states charge a lot more than others for driving reports and some charge different prices depending on whether you order through the internet, by mail or go to collect your report in person. And some states, such as Indiana, Iowa and New Mexico even have free options.

Time periods for driving records

States have different policies about how far back a driving report is supposed to document. Some are 3 years, some 5, some 7, and some 10. And some even allow you to order a report of your complete driving history.

Certified vs uncertified driving reports

Many states offer “uncertified” reports that cannot be used for official purposes. They may even lack information about recent driving events. They are useful if you are interested in getting a general idea of your personal driving history. On the other hand, some states only offer one type of report. We have tried to make the options clear in the list below.

Each state decides which office issues driving records

Different states have different offices to issue driving report documents. So we have provided a links to the appropriate office of each state whether they issue driving reports through the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Department of Public Safety (DPS), Secretary of State (SOS) or the Department of Revenue (DOR).

You will notice from this list that each state has it’s own particular way of doing things. We’ve made an effort to highlight information in this list that is unique for each state. You find the price listings of each service by state.

Additionally, there are different names for a “driving record,” some states call it an “MVR record” and some call it a “certified driving record report.”  

List of issuing government offices by state

Here is a list of all 50 states (and Washington DC) with links to the local websites that have the information you need to get your driving record history.

I sincerely hope this list helps you get to where you want to go, quickly and painlessly. Drive safely.    

Alabama Driving Records and Crash Reports

Alabama flag - driving records
  • Alabama driver record (MVR) – $5.75
  • Alabama crash report – $15.00
  • See here for state website

Alaska Driving Record

  • $10 for an Alaska driving record
  • See here for state website

Arizona Driving Record

  • Request uncertified Arizona driving record (3 year record) online – $3.00
  • Request certified Arizona driving record (5 year record) online – $5.00

Arkansas Driving Record

Arkansas flag - driving records
  • Order your 3-year Arkansas driving record online – $10.00
  • Order your 3-year Arkansas driving record by mail or in person – $7.00

California Driving Record

California flag - driving records
  • Request an unofficial Colorado driver record report online – $2.00
  • Request official California driver record report by mail order

Colorado Driving Record

Colorado flag - driving record

Connecticut Driving Record

Connecticut flag - driving record
  • Certified driving record in person or through the mail – $20.00
  • It is not currently possible to order a Connecticut driving record online  

Delaware Driving Record

Delaware flag - driving records
  • In person pick up – 3 year Deleware driving record or 5 year full driving record – $25.00
  • Online – $25.00
  • By mail – $25.00 plus cost of notary

Florida Driving Record

florida flag - driving records

Georgia Driving Reports

Georgia flag - driving report

Hawaii Driving Report

Hawaii flag - driving report

Idaho Driver’s License Record

Idaho flag - driving report
  • Audit of Idaho driver’s license record online – $9.56
  • Certified Idaho driver’s license record online –  $28.00

Illinois Driver’s License Record

Illinois flag - driving record

Indiana Driving Record

Indiana flag - driving record

Iowa Driving Record

Iowa - driving record

Kansas Driver’s License Record

Kansas - driving record
  • Get uncertified Kansas driver’s license records online – $13.70
  • Get certified Kansas driver’s license records in person or by mail  – $10.00 (non-certified), $15.00 (certified)

Kentucky Driving History Record

Kentucky driving record
  • Get 3-year driving history record online – $3.00 + a $2.50 “user assessed convenience fee”
  • Get complete 5-year driving history record (contact your nearest Driver Licensing Field Office for instructions) – $3.00

Louisiana Driving Record

Louisiana - driving record
  • Get official Louisiana driving record by mail or in person – $16.00
  • Get official Louisiana driving record online – $16.00 (+ $2.00 service charge for online purchase)

Maine Driving Record

Maine driving record
  • Order Maine driving record by mail – $5.00 (for 3-year record), $10.00 (for 10-year record), (add $1.00 for certified copy)
  • Get Maine driving record online (non-certified online) – $7.00 (for 3-year record), $12.00 (for 10-year record)

Maryland Driving Record

Maryland driver's record

Massachusetts Driving Record

Massachusetts driving records

Michigan Driving Record

Michigan driving record
  • Unofficial Michigan driving records online – $11.00
  • Official Michigan driving records online – $12.00
  • In person Michigan driving records (most convenient) – $9.00

Minnesota Driving Record

Minnesota driving records

Mississippi Driving Record

Alternative Mississippi flag
  • Non-certified Mississippi driving records (available online) – $11.00
  • Non-certified Mississippi driving records (available in person or by mail) – $11.00
  • Certified Mississippi driving record (available in person or by mail only) – $11.00

Missouri Driving Record

Missouri - driving record
  • Missouri driving records not available online
  • Order Missouri driving records by mail, or by fax – $2.82 (+ $0.50 per page if ordered by fax)
  • Order Missouri driving records in person – $2.82 (+$2.00 office processing fee if purchased at a Missouri license office)

Montana Driving Record

Montana driving record

Nebraska Driving Record

Nebraska - driving record

Nevada Driving Record

Nevada - driving record

New Hampshire Driving Record

New Hampshire - driving record
  • Order New Hampshire driving record by mail or in person – $15.00
  • New Hampshire driving records are not available online

New Jersey Driving Record

New Jersey - driving record

New Mexico Driving Record

New Mexico - driving record

New York Driving Record

New York - driving record

North Carolina Driving Record

NC - driving record
  • Order North Carolina driving records online, in person, or by mail – $14.00 (certified), $10.00 (non-certified)

North Dakota Driving Record

ND - driving record
  • Order North Dakota driving record online, in person, or by mail – $3.00
  • Only non-certified (3-year) North Dakota driving records are available online
  • A North Dakota drivers license status check can be done here

Ohio Driving Record

Ohio Driving Record

Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Report

Oklahoma - driving record
  • Order an Oklahoma motor vehicle report online, in person, or by mail – $25.00 (non-certified), $28.00 (certified)
  • For anyone 65 years of age and older the non-certified MVR fee is waived and the certified MVR costs only $3.00

Oregon Driving Record

Oregon - driving record
  • 3 year certified Oregon driving record – $1.50
  • Oregon offers many variations for checking information about crash reports and accidents and more at various prices. Some services cost more or less depending on whether documents can be found or not. Explained here.

Pennsylvania Driver History Record

Penn - driving history record
  • Order 3-year, 10-year, and full driver history records here – $10.00
  • Order a certified Pennsylvania driver record here – $34.00
  • Printing out your Pennsylvania driver record online requires you have Adobe Reader 9 or higher installed on your computer.   

Rhode Island Driving Record

RI - driving record

South Carolina Driving Record

SC - driving record
  • All South Carolina driving records whether 3-year or 10-year, certified or non-certified, cost the same amount – $6.00
  • Order SC driving record here

South Dakota Driving Record

SD - driving record
  • All driving record formats whether 3-year or “full,” abstract or certified, are the same fee – $5.00
  • Driving records are available by mail and in person, but not online

Tennessee Driving Record

Tennessee - driving record

Texas Driving Record

Texas - driving record
  • Order 3-year Texas driving record online, by mail, or in person- $6.00
  • Certified 3 Texas year driving record online, by mail, or in person – $10.00
  • Certified complete abstract online, by mail, or in person $20.00
  • To order, see here

Utah Driving Record

Utah - driving record
  • Regular Utah CDL driving record – $6.00
  • A certified Utah driving record requires a visit to Salt Lake City and 2 or more weeks to process – $10.75
  • For more information, see here

Vermont Driving Record

Vermont - driving record

Virginia Driving Record

VA - driving record
  • Order uncertified Virginia driving records online – $8.00
  • Order uncertified Virginia driving records in person or by mail – $9.00
  • To order certified driving records costs an additional $5.00
  • The four types of driving records available are: 11 year driver history for personal use, 7 year driver history for employment use, 5 year driver record for insurance purposes, and 11 year offender restoration driving record for court use
  • For more information, see here

Washington Driving Record

Washington State - driving record
  • Order Washington State driving records online, by mail, or in person – $13.00
  • Check Washington State driving license status online – FREE

Washington D.C. Driving Record

Washington D.C. - driving record
  • Whether you are ordering a certified or uncertified driving record the fees are the same. For 3-year or 5-year Washington D.C. driving records the fee is $7.00, and for a 10-year or “full” history the fee is $13.00
  • Order certified Washington D.C. driver history here, or non-certified driver history here

West Virginia Driving Record

WV - driving record

Wisconsin Driving Record

Wisconsin - driving record
  • Order Wisconsin driving records in person or by mail – 12.00 (certified), $7.00 (non-certified)
  • Order Wisconsin driving records online – $5.00 + “convenience fee”

Wyoming Driving Record

Wyoming - driving records
  • Order Wyoming driving records in person or by mail – $5.00
  • Driving records can not be ordered online in Wyoming

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Disclaimer: This is meant to be a resource, a compilation of information if you will, to help you. It should not be considered legal or financial advice or anything of the sort.